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  • The stock of Build to Rent (BTR) homes in the UK is forecast to increase five-fold over the next 10 years from 76,800 today, to 380,000 in 2032, according to the British Property Federation (BPF).
  • At present, just 1.5% of rental homes are BTR but that will rise to 8.5% if these forecasts are met. Until now, developers have focused on London and other major cities such as Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds.
  • Build to Rent homes are purpose-built for rental and managed by professional operators. They are generally built to a high standard and offer greater security of tenure, shared amenities, community events and, in some cases, rent inclusive of bills.
  • BTR providers are delivering urban apartments and suburban family homes. As the sector matures, it will expand the range of options for renters and play a growing role in addressing the UK’s housing shortage. Source: BPF, Dataloft