"Despite the thunder storms and high winds everyone braved it out. Nobody even tried to back out last minute (I never doubted anyone for a moment).

team2.jpgHere we all are under cover (sort of) a tarpaulin attached to some guttering. It worked very well for about 3 hours (despite the noise!) before detaching and blowing around in random directions.

I have to say Stu and Ash made it look easy. Looked like they had a very good night’s sleep, absolutely dead to the world. The rest of us lied down and did our best.

Of course we are the lucky ones. All we had was a very small taster of what it’s like to sleep rough. We should all spare a thought for those way less fortunate than us out on the streets night after night.

A big thank you to everyone who looked after all of us from Off the Fence laying on teas and coffees etc., and also to the people from Youth With A Mission YWAM The Silver Lady Fund who came along to serve us all bacon rolls first thing in the morning. They even provided our vegan director Adam with an harry.JPG onion and mushroom alternative, before going off to their sterling work providing the homeless with some grub and helping those who need it the most. Nothing’s too much trouble for these guys!

We were delighted to be part of this. I gather so far we have raised with your kind donations around £1,200. It’s not too late to send some cash if you haven’t managed it yet. Thanks everyone.”