Katie Price, senior property manager in our Block management department today passed her latest IRPM exam (institute of residential property management). She smashed through her studies in record time. This lockdown provided her with a bit of extra time, she certainly put that gift of time to very good use. Even so, my goodness Katie, you must have been studying round the clock to get this completed so quickly, and a 93% pass too! That’s mighty impressive. I’m so proud of you Katie. We already know how disciplined you are when it comes your studying. We also know how diligent you are in looking after our clients buildings( Katie already has many other property qualifications. (Now that she’s exclusively dealing with block management she felt it time to get some more)

I know I speak for everyone in the company by saying how impressed we all are by your latest achievements. Well done! It’s great to have so many relentless learners in our company. The champagne is on its way to you, enjoy!

Please get in touch if you would like to know more about our block management services, we would be delighted to talk through your options.

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