We are thrilled that Erica has joined the Sawyer & Co team.

With a proven track record, having previously worked in a very busy well-known London agent, she sure as hell knows how to get results and is very pro-active.

Apart from working in the property sector Erica’s done lots of other interesting things including running her own hotel in Spain and arranging some very exotic trips whilst working in travel.

Like a lot of us though, this business gets into your blood so it was inevitable that she would get back in at some point.

Having lived locally now for quite a while Erica decided it was time to work here in Brighton & Hove rather than back in the ‘big smoke’ again. It was a great compliment to us that Erica identified Sawyer & Co as the place for her; she shares our values, loves how we keep the customer at the centre of everything we do, and is already enjoying the busy and positive environment.

Even at this early stage it’s clear what an asset to Sawyer & Co Erica is, she’s slotted into the team really well.

We’re really delighted to have you on-board Erica!