When you’re looking to buy a property in Brighton & Hove, the good news is that there’s no particular warning signs to look out for.

If you’re looking for a flat or an apartment it’s always good to check the length of a lease and if there are signs that a block or complex is poorly managed, i.e. dated or worn communal areas, then there could be an issue with the flat as well. However, good estate agents will have collated all the information you need before the property has come onto the market and will probably be able to assist you by providing information on the processes involved in extending a lease.

Occasionally flying freeholds can cause limitations for mortgages if the building doesn’t own all of the land upon which it sits on. Structural movement of course can cause problems but can also be difficult to spot. Beware though!...a little knowledge can be dangerous. There is a big difference between settlement (long standing movement) and progressive movement, however good agents can always offer sensible advice on this or provide details of RICS surveyors.

Find out if there is there planning for alterations and don’t necessarily be put off by minor issues on survey. Rarely are problems insurmountable and sometimes the reality is never as bad as first feared!

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