Top Five Buyer Demands: What are you really looking for in a home?

During these times, home has meant more to us than ever before. Our living spaces have had to work much harder to allow us to work from home, join online workouts, and channel our inner Mary Berry. This seems to have got buyers thinking about what their priorities are for a future move.

Here are our current top five buyer demands:

Outdoor space – Brighton and the surrounding areas are renowned for lovely sunny weather, so it is no surprise that buyers are looking for their own private area to enjoy the sunshine. Our buyers are not exclusively searching for landscaped gardens at their future home, but any outdoor space, which bodes well for our broad selection of apartments which balconies or patio areas.

A bigger home with plenty of space to work – Many of us have had to adjust homeworking over the last few months, and it seems to be something buyers want to continue. Bigger homes in Brighton, Hove and Portslade are attractive to buyers who could split their working week between the coast and their office in London.

Parking/garage – Although we have been using our cars less for travelling to and from work recently, they have been convenient for travelling to the beach to carry out our daily exercise. Off-road parking and garages offer buyers added security to keep their vehicles safe.

Contemporary living – Some of our buyers may still be up for the challenge of renovating an older property. Nevertheless, in the last few weeks, our modern and refurbished properties have had the most interest. It seems the idea of having less maintenance is attractive to prospective buyers looking to move soon.

Conservatories – A conservatory can create a more seamless transition between your home and your garden, and encourage you to appreciate your outside space even more. Our buyers seem to be considering the benefits a conservatory could bring to their home, such as creating an additional living space to relax.