We really enjoyed going along to the Hove Junior School Summer Festival at the weekend, it was great fun.

Chis and daughters 420.jpgOur ‘guess the balloon’ game went down well again. Congratulations to Mr Murgatroyd who won the sweets for his granddaughter and Edward Bishop who won the bottle of champers. The correct answer was……78 balloons and we’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone that had a go, all proceeds went to the school of course.

We also sponsored the raffle but as ever we wanted to come along, get involved and say hello. We're so glad we did, it was a great atmosphere with plenty going on and once Jemma, Ash and I had set up I enlisted the help of my family again. My wife and kids kindly helped out on the stall, and the Pimms and Doombar was a bit of a bonus!

chris and sarah 420 rotated.jpg 

 During the day we also took the opportunity to have a chair  massage - what a good idea it was to  bring a couple of  masseuses along. As you can guess they were very popular and the live music  and food were also  definite highlights.

 As predicted the heavens opened towards the end of the event but that didn't dampen spirits.  Thanks also to Conor who popped along to help us hand out our helium filled balloons to the kids in  the rain as we packed away.

artwork 420 crop.jpg 

It was also really nice to see and chat to some of our previous clients. You know where we are if ever you or any of your friends and family need any assistance or advice.

Thanks again for inviting us along.

Chris Sawyer