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A recent survey has shown that the large majority of people who have sold their home through a traditional estate agent were either satisfied or very satisfied with their experience.

Out of 700 people asked, 82% expressed their satisfaction while just 4% had used an online agent.

Many thought that a traditional high street estate agent can add 5% to the value of their home.

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A total of 88% said they believed that face-to-face meetings with their estate agent was important.

Surveys like this are useful in illustrating the more practical aspects of using a bricks and mortar estate agent to sell your home. At Sawyer & Co. we know this to be the case. There are so many elements of the sales process that require face-to-face contact or a personal touch, all of which we offer.

  • Our valuations are carried out by a local expert, ensuring properties are never under or overvalued.
  • We are bonded to the property ombudsman and other regulatory bodies.
  • We produce professional photography and copy for our glossy property marketing brochures utilising technical skills provided by our experienced in-house photographers and copy writers.
  • We are networked to over 1000 other agents who can help secure a buyer.
  • Our viewings are accompanied by staff who have carefully qualified the prospective buyers and tailor the viewing to the buyers’ needs.
  • Once an offer has been made, experienced and skilled staff deal with the negotiations, which almost always results in higher prices.
  • Once a sale is agreed, experienced and skilled staff help to progress the transaction by liaising with the buyer, seller, solicitor, surveyors, contractors, other agents (if there is a chain), to reduce the chances of the sale falling through.

The role of the estate agent is to make sure that the client is guided through the process as efficiently and effectively as possible, achieving the highest possible price for their property with the least stress. Buying and selling can be extremely emotional, people soon realise the benefit of face-to-face or telephone contact with someone who is motivated and skilled at getting results. Not too many people are happy to have what is probably one of the biggest transactions of their lives, conducted online.

Sawyer and Co. would be delighted to discuss your property value with you if you are thinking of selling your home now or in the near future. Come in to one of our high street branches at your convenience and speak with our professional agents. 

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