Of course in this digital age many of our enquiries come from the web. However, a chance meeting our Associate Director Nick had the other day reminds us that even in this tech-savvy age the importance of having that personal relationship with someone can be priceless.

Nick bumped into one of our landlords outside our office whilst he was having a look at our window display. They got chatting and he happened to mention that he would soon be in the market for another investment property.

The timing of this chance meeting couldn’t have been more perfect. Nick had been talking only earlier that day to another landlord of ours that was thinking of selling.

Wasting no time, Nick made a couple of calls, arranged a viewing and a deal done. The property was just what this particular landlord was after but if he hadn’t bumped into Nick he wouldn’t have known about it as it wasn’t on the market yet.

The result? Buyer and seller were both delighted.

The internet is amazing but it’s nice to be reminded now and again that this business is about people and property.