New Additions to Our Team!


As you know by now, whether you’re one of our many landlords or tenants we’re constantly looking out for you. We always try to look at things through your eyes to find a better way of doings things.

So in order to make sure that as a landlord you receive the best value and level of service from us and as a tenant you’re looked after efficiently and to the highest standards, we have found our very own in-house Superman.

A Superstar handyman, who’s Super-hardworking with a Super-sized ‘can do’ attitude and sense of humour to match,

Jozef is already proving to be very popular.
superman.pngIn fact, to make him even more Super-efficient he’ll be driving around in our brand new Sawyer & Co van, proving that even our handyman goes the extra mile!

Having Jozef as an in-house member of the team means that we’ll be able to keep repair and maintenance costs down for our properties and offer an even more efficient service for our tenants.

Look out for Jozef in our shiny new van!