Georgia Passed!


Although the sight of a Sawyer & Co. branded car may be a familiar sight around the city, not all of our negotiators drive them. There are a few of our dedicated team members who rush from viewings, to meetings, to their desks, all under their own steam without ever keeping anyone waiting! One such team member is the stoical Georgia from our Brighton, Kemptown office. Not having passed her test Georgia was never one to complain about doing all viewings on foot, her unsurpassed organisational skills ensuring that she was never late, always unrushed and consistently composed whatever challenges she was walking to face. Those days however are happily now over as on October 14th in Burgess Hill, Georgia took her driving test with the AA and this time passed with flying colours thanks to a calm, encouraging examiner. She has since torn up her L plates and secured a nice little black Clio! So if you see Georgia driving around the city in her Clio or indeed one of our Sawyer and Co. branded cars, please give her a wave, she definitely deserves it! Well done Georgia.