As Vice President of the BHEAA, Chris Sawyer, together with President Julie Frith (Mishon Mackay) and council member Paul Taggart (Hamptons), were delighted to hand over more money to The Clock Tower Sanctuary. The Brighton and Hove Estate Agents Association organises many events over the course of each year, the money raised is then shared between worthy local charities. The amazing Clock Tower Sanctuary, which does so much outstanding work in supporting our city’s young homeless, really is deserving of our continued support.

Next Year Chris Sawyer takes over the mantle of President of the BHEAA. Part of his role as President will be to organise the annual charity dinner at the Grand Hotel on the 5th of February.

Chris has chosen the Clock Tower Sanctuary as the BHEAA’s charity of choice for this event, ‘The more I learn about them, the more I’m amazed by the work they do, much is done by volunteers. The charity sees over 80 individual visitors each week, all between 16-25 years old. It costs £535 per day to run this essential centre so the more we can do to support this work the better.’

The members of the BHEAA took the opportunity to discuss with the charity how they can help further in continued support and donations. There will be a programme of events and information on how we can all help to ensure the essential work of the Clock Tower Sanctuary is sustained so watch this space!

In the meantime a team of Sawyer and Co employees are undertaking a skydive on November 22nd to raise money for this charity visit: to donate and for further information.