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It’s that time of year when invitations are imminent for the 2016 BHEAA charity dinner, set for 5th February. Before everyone gets too embroiled in the festive mayhem the invitations for this annual event will arrive in a timely manner over the next few days, allowing everyone to respond and plan accordingly.

This has historically been an occasion where the attention span of the guests for the Presidential speech is notoriously short! In fact our very own Chris Sawyer, the 2016 newly elected President, has been warned in a light-hearted reference to this problem, to ‘take along the gaffer tape!’ This pre-supposes that if the guests have their mouths taped closed they will be less likely to escape to the bar for a drink or to have too much fun chatting and laughing with their fellow diners, thereby focusing their attention on the speeches.

Opposed to such drastic measures, Chris figured rather than have the same problem this year he would shake things up slightly and adopt a different approach; Make the speeches succinct and get them over with at the beginning of the evening when everyone is hopefully fresh, focused and happy to listen. With this is mind 2016’s event will channel a more relaxed, less formulaic/talking heads style, including a video presentation on nominated charity, The Clock Tower Sanctuary, another element which has not been adopted by past Presidents.

Chris will give his President’s speech at the very beginning of the evening comprising a welcome note, a brief update on the BHEAA, followed by a short film detailing the amazing work The Clock Tower Sanctuary does for our city’s young homeless. All that will then remain is the confirmation of the evening’s running order and the dinner will begin.

It promises to be a night of good food, good company, laughter, great live music from Revolver plus DJ thereafter and of course a bit of fundraising too. The BHEAA would be delighted to see you there.