“Hopefully that’s me sorted now, I hope to be running along the seafront again very soon.

I was so well looked after yesterday at the Montefiore. I want to publicly thank them for all they’ve done for me and for getting me thinking about customer experience.

At every step yesterday the service I got was exceptional. There were a number of people involved, everyone one of them scoring 10 out of 10.

logo.6f172eb1.pngThe people on reception, the person who showed me to my room, the catering department who popped in to take my sandwich order for later, the ward nurse. Then came the anesthetist, the surgeon and the assistant anesthetist, followed by the op the nurses in recovery and then another ward nurse who just started her shift. Last but by no means least, the physio who got me up and went through my post op exercise stuff before the nurse finally sent me on my merry way (with plenty of pain killers).

At every single point I felt cared for. People were nice, did their jobs exceptionally well and went that extra mile - exactly what we’re always striving to achieve at Sawyer & Co.

When you sell or buy, let or rent there are various steps on the process, all of them important. We also strive to keep on improving the customer experience; being outstanding at every stage.

The Montefiore have clearly got this working incredibly well. We are very lucky to have this within the city of Brighton & Hove, even for NHS patients like myself.  Thank you so much.” Chris Sawyer.