An iconic presence on the streets of London from the 1950's, if you miss jumping on and off a classic red Routemaster bus and you love indulging in an afternoon tea, then the man behind one of our favourite Hove haunts, Baked, has the perfect solution.

A regular sight along the seafront now, the Brighton Regency Routemaster has grown a loyal following over the past year, and once you step on-board it's not hard to see why. 

afternoon tea.pngOwner, host and tour guide Colin Beaddie explained that he first had the idea 15 years ago on a visit to Melbourne after a sightseeing tour/dinner on the "Dinner Tram".  "I thought about how I could replicate something similar here in the UK. I tried to set it up in London the following year but after 18 months of battling bureaucracy I parked the idea! 

Then one night on EBay 3 years ago, I saw a bus for sale and bid for it- although I didn't have the money!  Thankfully I pulled it together and spent around 18 months refitting it (we took it apart!) and learning to become a bus operator, transport manager and driver. I just felt the idea of 2 very British inventions - a Routemaster bus and afternoon tea would go so well together."

Beautifully presented and absolutely delicious afternoon teas with a variety of local tours to choose from, and a glass or two of Brighton Gin – what better way to relax and get to know your local area while you soak up the nostalgia and the views! Book your trip now at Brighton Regency Routemaster.