As part of Brighton’s iconic seafront with its elegant four storey houses that date back to the early 1800’s, 1 Eastern Terrace can count a Prime Minister and King Edward VII amongst its past visitors. Still striking an imposing presence this notable listed building with its wide bow front was converted into Court Royal Mansions in the 1950s, and today we’re very proud to say that it’s one of our Block Management clients.

IMG-20190410-WA0008.jpgOne of our first projects for Court Royal Mansions was to arrange for the rear fire escape to be removed. It may sound simple enough but this project was particularly difficult because the only access to the rear of the building is through a small roof hatch. This meant that the fire escape had to be cut up into pieces small enough to go through the hatch, and we’re sure you can imagine how difficult it would be to get scaffolding through the building and up through the same hatch!

So, to get the work done and make the whole process as stress-free as possible for the residents, we instructed the abseiling contractors CLM Access who did an excellent job and made a difficult job look easy. On top of that, they also saved the owners thousands of pounds on what they would have spent on erecting scaffolding.

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IMG-20190410-WA0000.jpgWe manage a number of listed buildings in Brighton & Hove and have the necessary skills, knowledge and specialist contractors and surveyors to be able to best serve buildings such as this.

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