When you notice the temperature dropping and the night's drawing in, it's safe to say that winter is on its way. If you’re thinking of moving, to make sure that you've prepared your home for the cold winter months here are some useful tips from Chris Sawyer to keep you warm inside and  to ward off any potential problems.

“Personally at the moment I’m just sorting out my wood store but at this time of year there’s a range of basic essential tasks that should be on everyone’s To Do list.

It won’t be long until many of us will be firing up our boilers again to get us through the cold months, so having your boiler serviced and bleeding your radiators is a good place to start.

seasoned-logs.jpgFor those of you that love an open fire, check when you last got that chimney swept and then….get that chimney swept! On that subject, now is a good time to replenish the wood store because who doesn’t love an open fire?

To keep your sash windows in good working order now is a good time to sort out those rattles and drafts. Give them a bit of an overhaul and some TLC before those autumn gales start.

Of course hot air always rises and this means that the majority of the warmth in your home will try and escape through your roof. This can be a real problem in older properties with large loft space that's only used for storage rather than being converted into living space. Thankfully simply by laying good quality loft insulation you can keep the warmth of your central heating inside your home whilst also making increasing your eco-friendly credentials.

Before the temperature drops, make sure you pay attention to the exterior of your home too. Gutters are a big thing to add to your list, they often gather moss from your roof and now is a good time to check if they’ve got any gaps where they join. Autumn is the wettest month of course, so a visual inspection of any flat roofs, flashings or fire walls is essential, and if you’ve had any water coming in now’s your chance to get them looked at.”

All in all taking a few simple steps to make sure that your home is winter-proofed can make a bring difference to potential buyers. As proud members of The Guild of Property Professionals our colleagues are always on hand to offer their advice as well. Click here for more ideas on what to do before putting your house on the market this autumn.